Origin Point Therapy, Origin Point Medicine


Origin Point Therapy (OPT, also known as Origin Point Medicine or Yuan Shi Dian) is a special massage technique developed by a famous TCM doctor from Taiwan, Dr. Chang Chao Han. OPT considers the cause of pain or illness is due to injury at Origin Points (set points on the body) which may be different to the actual sites of pain. Therefore this therapy is focused on treating the origin source of pain. Treatment involves deep massage at the origin points on the body, warming pad, and ginger tea.


In conjunction with acupuncture, it wakes up the self-healing ability of our human body and can achieve long term health improvements in many cases.

Our clinic is the first Chinese Medicine clinic providing Origin Point Therapy treatment and training in Melbourne.

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Dr. Alexander Chen (TCM) has learned Origin Point Therapy from the CCH Foundation in Taiwan since 2009. In 2014 he was further trained as an international OPT instructor and provided workshops to other practitioners in India, Tibet and Australia.

Both our doctors are trained in OPT. At your first assessment your practitioner may choose to use this therapy as a part of your treatment plan to assist you on your road to recovery. You may also be taught some techniques to practice at home to continue your healing process.