Herbal Medicine

Herbs - Herbal MedicineThe Chinese herbal medicine material medica is vast with thousands of different types of herbs accumulated over thousands of years of usage. Herbal Medicine is used in a broad range of conditions from internal medicine through to women’s health and skin conditions. The main aim is to restore balance and the normal function of the body.

In our clinic we mostly use plant based herbs with a small number of non-endangered animal products. If you do not want any animal products in your prescription please let your practitioner know and a substitute plant herb will be used instead.

Herbal medicine at our clinic is administered in liquid, granules and/or pill form. The herbs are convenient and easier to take compared to raw herbs where extensive cooking is required. Another benefit is that the manufacturers of these herbal products have conducted stringent testing on these herbs to ensure that strict quality standards are met and pesticide levels are minimised.

Herbal medicine may also be applied externally for skin conditions, if required your practitioner will instruct you on how to use and apply the herbs for maximum effect.