Pain Management

Pain Relief/Management

According to a report from the Harvard Medical School, research from an international team of experts showed that acupuncture improved chronic pain by 50% for neck and back pain, osteoarthritis and chronic headaches. The team pooled the results from studies involving nearly 18,000 participants. The results were published in Archives of Internal Medicine.​

Other studies also showed that acupuncture is an effective treatment for muscle and joint pain, in some cases acupuncture is more effective than conventional treatments of anti-inflammatory drugs and exercise rehabilitation.

Cupping, another ancient therapy may also provide effective pain relief. It involves placing glass cups on patient’s body (on either the affected area or the acupuncture points used to treat it) to create suction. According to a study done by the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany in 2011, cupping reduced chronic neck pain by an average of 45% in the test group.

Are you suffering from headaches? Now you have a proven, drug free natural solution.

A randomsied, single blind and controlled acupuncture trial on with 270 tension headache patients showed that the proportion of responders (at least 50% reduction in headache days, counting all patients with missing data as non-responders) was 46% in the acupuncture group and 4% in non-acupuncture group. This research provides an scientific proof of that acupuncture is an effective intervention in treating tension type of headache.(Source: National Institute of Health of United States.)

According to our experience, integrating acupuncture and other therapies such as Origin Point Therapy, massage, cupping and Activator Method Acupressure ensures the best possible and long lasting result for different types of headaches or migraines.