Want a natural alternative to botox? Why not give cosmetic acupuncture a try!
Safe and natural pain relief
Improve your chances of conceiving and have a healthy baby
Restore your health and get back to doing what you love

Regain Health & Vitality

Are you in chronic pain, having problems conceiving, have skin problems, or feeling fatigued? Elemental Chinese Medicine located in South Yarra, Melbourne, may be able to assist you to get your health back on track.

Using Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, we may assist in a range of conditions including: acute and chronic pain, fertility and pregnancy, women’s health, skin conditions, cancer support, and others. [read more]

Watch the video below:

Acupuncture & Chronic Pain

According to a report from Harvard Medical School, Acupuncture is effective against chronic pain.

In Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture balances out the flow of energy in the body. In western scientific terms acupuncture is thought to ease pain by affecting neurotransmitters, hormone levels, or the immune system. [read more]

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